Stop and Smell the Roses

The first sight out my door this morning was a female towhee in our birdbath throwing water with her wings. I stirred up 2 juvenile carolina wrens in our back yard, new feathers almost completely filling the baby fluff. And I’ve watched the chickadees busily popping in and out of the bird house all day caring for their newly hatched young. They watch out for one another, call to the other, send warning or messages of safety.

I practically had to dodge the butterflies on my walk around the lake. I saw sun fish (or what y’all call brim here in the south) rimming the lake. I saw more birds nesting in boxes, the beautiful iridescent blue tree swallows. And I talked to the giant turtle floating at the top of the water while he was catching the sun.

It was a walk in which my heart filled so with love for life that I had to swallow down my tears. I stopped to smell the roses, the red, the yellow, even more sweet. Oh May! The earth is reborn.  ‘Tis soon the new year of my life…how grand the celebration.


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